White all Year Round

As a born and bred southern girl, I grew up with the rules that it’s only acceptable to wear white after memorial day and only up to Labor Day. Although, I’ve broken that rule a time or two (or ten), this southern fashion precept always leaves me giddy for white around this time of year. Not only am I dreaming of white linen pants and bleached white denim jeans, but I also start to contemplate trips to the beach. So, as a post Memorial Day post, how ’bout we combine the two with a light airy whispy white coastal feast?

Here are a few of my faves:

Soft Bright White Light Boho Bedroom

White Coastal Boho Bedroom

Michael Kors’  White Living Room

Incredible Kitchen with Giant Brass Dome Pendant

White Bright Amazing Kitchen

Sitting Area

White Bright Living Room

White Bright Beds Bunks

Bright White Bunk Room