Views from an Intern at Market

Views from an Intern at Market!

High Point Furniture Market!  A sellers profit, a buyers reality, and a design student’s ultimate dream. I have been to market before, but my last experience was nothing like this one. Even though market started on a Saturday, I was there front and center on Friday and if you want those one of kind pieces, you are honestly late to the party if you go on Friday. Vivid spent two weeks before setting up two showrooms and seeing the behind scenes work that goes into this amazing event was mind blowing.

I have always attended market with a student pass and having this pass can go one or two ways. You either are welcomed into showrooms with kind arms or you’re turned away because a buyer’s pass is honestly the golden ticket. I was very excited to have a Vivid Interiors Guest pass. I wasn’t golden, but I guess I was closer to it.

This year my experience was beyond. I attended Market with Vivid a well as my peers on other days. However, the day that I attended with Vivid was the best. I was given multiple bags, which many people including myself love going to market for the free “swag” which mostly include the beautiful bags. I was offered complementary lunch, snacks, champagne, and wine, you name it they offered it. I had really in depth conversations with a lot sellers and honestly learned quite a bit. I feel like I learned way more being in attendance with Vivid than when I went with my peers from UNCG.

The hustle and bustle of market can be overwhelming and intimidating as a student, but this year I had an up in confidence. I saw beautiful spaces and learned as much as I possibly could. I have always had a dream of creating my own furniture line and this experience inspired me to the fullest. Although I will not be with Vivid next market, I am excited to attend market in April!

Janae Vivid Interiors Guest and Intern signing off!!!