Sunday Seven (the Queen’s Gambit)

Today’s Sunday Seven is inspired from the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit.

The story is a beautiful fictitious drama that takes us through Elizabeth Harmon’s equally beautiful and troubled mind. Coming to an orphanage as a young girl, Beth befriends a janitor who teaches her to play chess. She becomes consumed with the strategies and plays the games over and over in her head or on the ceiling of the orphanage.

The cinematography, set design, and costumes are all simply stunning. Wonderful layers and layers of wallpapers and fabrics adorn the entire sequence of Beth’s story. We found our inspiration not only from the game itself, but from the whole gamut.

We started with a pair of Vans classic checkerboard shoes (which from henceforth shall be referred to as chessboard shoes) Much more sophisticated, don’t you think?

Next up are these amazing marble stools that look like they could be chess pieces. We have the light one in our shop right now. The design is simple and sublime (and substantial); this piece weighs 180 pounds! From Noir Furniture.


Wallpaper is featured prominently and we’re loving this moody teal Trailing Orchid pattern from Osbourne and Little that shows up in Beth’s hotel room in Mexico. That hotel looks amazing, and I need to research and see if it ever was in existence if it still is now. There are so many other wallpapers and Charlene Wang De Chen discusses the myriad wallpapers and settings on her blog here.

These life-size brass counterstools from Anna Karlin are so beautifully designed and are the epitome of form and function. Check and mate! And be sure to check out the rest of her creative mind ranging from furniture, to jewelry to textile design.

Man Ray designed this artfully carved wood chess set that is available at Design Within Reach. It’s simple and elegant (and it’s on sale now!).

And because we love options, we’re showing another sculpturally inspired chess set made from rose and white Onyx and Marble and so well-priced. Usually white has the opening advantage in the game of chess, but my feelings would not be hurt at all if I drew rose. I’m looking at this one for a Christmas gift to my family now.

Lastly, we have this furocious faux fur checkerboard coat from Stand Studio available at Nordstrom. It’s cozy, it’s cool and it’s definitely is somebody who knows their game. I could see Elizabeth Harmon wearing this coat for sure (and maybe me too!)