Today’s Sunday Seven is chock-full of color and florals.

  1. First on our list are these fun clay planters from Urban Outfitters. We love the bold colors and great shapes. We’ll take one in all three colors, please!

2. Next on the list are these fun boucle Chuck Taylors on Free People. Converse is crushing it with their fun, and colorful shoes!

3. We are loving cane everything. These white washed cane chairs from Noir and available through us. Let us know how many you need!

4. Speaking of great spots to sit, this cute black and white stool from Made Goods adds a fun pop of playfulness to a space. Hit is up if you’re looking to play!

5. Speaking of fun, how about this bold and colorful paper to jazz up a space. We could see this in a powder room, or in an eat-in breakfast area. Check out Milton and King site for more colorful and playful eye candy.

6. Farm Rio does it again! My cart runneth over, and I want almost everything on their site. Farm Rio’s credo on color and culture is super cool. From their about page, “We are a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that believe in the existence of happiness. More than a brand, we create enlightened cultural movements since 1997. Based in good energies and beautiful frequencies: We believe that solar rays enlighten the soul. We believe in all colors and shapes that nature brings to our eyes, to our feelings. We believe in local culture, and we keep it alive. We believe in quality, we adore details, and the emotions created by these elements, because a powerful product inspires positive transformations in everyone and everywhere. We also believe in hugs, or in Portuguese – we believe in “abraços”. And once we believe, we are. Just like that. Welcome to our magic, and feel it in your soul.”

7. And last but not least is the Evil Eye clutch from lePompomshop available at Anthropologie! We’re taking a vote that this bag is awesome, and the eyes have it!