Sunday Seven/Living Vivid (Come on Spring)

Spring can’t come soon enough. Today’s Sunday Seven/Living Vivid is a harbinger for spring. Pulling from bright colors, especially sunshine-y yellows.

First up on the list is this lavender and yellow raw seemed, color-blocked sweatshirt from Free People. Pair it with a bias cut skirt and a super cute pair of tennis shoes and you’re ready for fun!

Speaking of cute shoes, how about these guys? Converse is killing it with all their shoes lately. I have these in white and black, and can’t help but feel happy whenever they’re on my feet! Availalble at Hautelook.

Next on the list is this painting from Amanda Petro Art. Amanda’s art is colorful, and textural. So much fun!

Moscow meets Mexico. Existing only in the digital landscape, this vibrant, virtual art Village is a fantastical play of bold colors and bold shapes. Nestled along colossal computer cacti, I could virtually vacay here for days. Check out the other works from the design duo, Davit and Mary Jalavyan. 

Add a touch of whimsy to any space. Yours truly has a thing for heads and faces and this one is a keeper. Available on our eshop or in store.

Glass sculptor and designer Helle Mardhal creates these amazing functional pieces of art. Check out her shop for 100% pure eye candy goodnes.

Live Vivid