Sunday Seven 12/27

Today’s Sunday Seven is brought to you by the colors pink and orange and black and white; inspired by boldness, brightness and a deep yearning to get out and travel.

  1. 2020 unfortunately was not full of enough impromptu dance parties. Here’s looking forward to more opportunities to shimmy, shake and swing our hips in 2021. We love the sentiment of this When in Doubt Dance it Out Print and pledge to make it our mantra for the new year. Available on IamFy.

.      2. Another hint for anyone out there looking for the perfect birthday present for me. This black and white                   striped table would be more than perfect! Unfortunately, it looks like it is out of stock, but you can sign up             on the 1st dibs site for alerts for if and when it comes back in stock.

3. This black and brass modern floor lamp designed by Aerin Lauder for Visual Comfort adds the perfect                  pop of interest to any space. It’s got a little edge and a lot of oomph. It’s available in black and brass as              well as white and brass and can be purchased at Vivid.

4. Here’s hoping there are more opportunities in 2021 for weekend excursions. This weekender bag from                  Cleobella is the perfect combination or form and function, and it’s leopard print and needlepoint!

5. I am totally smitten with this bookshelf from Urban Outfitters. It’s got all the right curves. If I didn’t already              have arched built-ins in my living room, I would definitely be pushing for a pair of these to flank my                        fireplace.

6. The travel bug has bitten and I’m making a list of places to see and sites to visit. Casa Luis Barragán in                Mexico City was built in 1948 and is a beautiful marriage of art and architecture.

7. We’re heading to Atlanta in a couple of weeks to pick up some accessories for the shop. We’ve had these            before, and are hoping to restock the shelves with some more. Be sure to drop by the shop in the next few            months to see what all goodies we find.