Pre-Market Plan Fall 2018

Pre-Market Plan Fall 2018

Natalie Here! High Point Furniture Market officially starts on Saturday, and we always have a handful of showrooms that we are eager to get into.  Market is a huge event, with thousands of exhibitors from all over the world and it’s where we find our new favorites and see what’s new with our go-to brands.  With so much ground to cover in just a few days, I have to go in with a game plan.

– Test all of the furniture!

Not only are we looking for a specific style when we design for our clients we are selecting quality items. We sit on hundreds of pieces, open countless drawers, and touch everything!

– Think about the clients we have and the ones we will one day have.

When we are looking at so many new items we are always thinking about what we are currently working on and looking for as well as our dream projects. We max out our phone storage to take pictures of items that we don’t want to forget and the ones we finally get to see in person.


 – Looking at how spaces are set

I know that I have a lot to learn about retail merchandising and what a better time to gather ideas!