Living Vivid (A Sunday Seven with Mod Society Magazine)


Spring High Point Market has come and gone and things were starting to feel like they are returning to some sort of normalcy; although Market was in June instead of April which was a little bizarre.

We are so happy to share our market finds with you. We’re always on the hunt for the next new thing and while we did find some fun new finds, we’re still holding on to some of our favorites. Global design is still very prominent in the design world and in our projects; we love the warmth and texture and interest that it can bring to a space. From vintage textiles to African baskets and Mexican inspired cocktails. I guess while we were landlocked during the pandemic, we all developed an even stronger appreciation for the



We found these amazing new candles from Montana Based 1889 Wax Lighting Company. We’re introducing, Renegade, Trapper, Preacher and Baron to our candle collection. We’re also working to develop two signature scents for Vivid so stay tuned. We love the interesting combinations of scents in each of these.


House of Cindy LA travels the world and brings back some of the most beautiful textiles. These African Indigo Mali mudcloth pillows. Cindy also has a beautiful line of simple linen pillows that compliment her one of a kind pieces.


Global inspiration is still large and in charge and these African Wall baskets from the Tonga tribe and procured and curated by Moomoo Designs are amazing. We first leaned into the light blue and natural and navy and all their amazing baskets and beadwork Cameroonian shields, but the orange called us back and we ended up selecting the entire wall! They are front and center at our shop, so if you’re in GSO, stop by and check them out in person; they’re stunning!

Noir Furniture makes the most beautiful furniture and accessories and this brushed Mindi wood dining table is no exception. It’s casual enough for an open concept dining room, but the design is so interesting it’s like a piece of functional sculpture.

We’re always on the hunt for a statement piece of jewelry, and this beaded cuff bracelet from Ink Alloy briongs the wow that we’re looking for.

Speaking of Wow, we were stopped in our tracks when we discovered Greg Lotus. This was his first time showing at market; and we fell fast for his bold, edgy editorial and exotic photography. This photo “Parrot” rally resonated with us.

We cover a lot of ground while at market and comfortable shoes are a must. P448 are master crafters of fashionable and functional footwear. They’re pattern play is right up our alley!

Another master of their craft is Verellen. We always say that Verellen is the beautiful showroom with beautiful vendors and beautiful people. Every single detail in their showroom is attractive from their gorgeous forms of furniture; forms and fabrics. They also do amazing casegoods and lighting. We fell kind of hard for their new Gaston chair.

And lastly, we’re always a fan of a fun cocktail, and we’re featuring this Senagalese Ginger Cooler.

We made a ginger simple syrup by taking a heaping helping (about three to four fingers of a ginger root). We grated ours down as fine as we could and then boiled it in water and then strained the pulp. Simmer that down with 2 cups of water and 2 cups of water. When the sugar has fully dissolved, remove from heat and cool. Place in a glass container and with a lid and store in the refrigerator.   Pour over ice with fresh squeezed lemon juice and add a splash of orange juice or pineapple juice. If you’re feeling boozy, add a splash of spiced rum. This is a great refreshing beverage for the summer, and could also be served up warm during those cold winter months.

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