Intern Spotlight (Bianca Jenkins)

1. Tell us a little about yourself. (Name, school, program you’re studying, where you’re from.)

My name is Bianca Jenkins and I am from Kannapolis, North Carolina. I am a senior in the Interior Architecture program at The University of North Carolina Greensboro.

2. What made you interested in interior design?

My passion for design stems from watching HGTV and Youtube videos of room makeovers as a child. I have always stood by the importance of having a space that is my own safe haven and that gradually grew into wanting to help other people achieve that.

3. Who are some of your design icons?

One design icon of mine is Nicole Gibbons, a designer who started her own business after being dissatisfied with her experiences. She launched Clare, a direct-to-consumer startup that puts a user friendly spin on buying paint. She’s really inspiring for me because she started her own business and made a name for herself, and in the future I want to do the same.

4. Describe your design aesthetic.

I would describe my design aesthetic as mid century modern, with bohemian, simplistic and eclectic touches. I am big on creating a space that evokes positive energy and emotions from individuals, as well as maintaining that sense of comfort. Along with being mindful of the uses and functions of the specific spaces and designing for that.

5. What do you do at Vivid Interiors?

At Vivid Interiors, my role changes depending on what we have going on for the particular day! This can range from helping at installations, drafting AutoCAD files, client meetings, visits to manufacturer stores, dropping off and picking up products needed for installs, and helping with things around the office. One of my favorite days was helping stage showrooms at the High point Furniture Market, because I was able to experience what goes on behind the scenes.

6. What do you like best about interning at Vivid?

One of the best things about interning at Vivid is how open and encouraging they are with helping to make this internship experience the most it can be. I appreciate how willing they are to hear about what I want out of this and helping me achieve that. The small family-like atmosphere is really great too because we are able to get to know one another and I’m not just another face in the company. 

7. Who are your favorite musicians?

I truly love and listen to so many different artists and genres, but if I had to choose my all time favorites are J Cole, and H.E.R, but my favorites at the moment are SiR, 6lack, and Ari Lennox. 

8. Favorite drink?   My favorite drink(s) are Sundrop, Lemonade, and Tequila!

9. What is your sign?   I am an Aries!

10. If you could invite anyone to dinner (living or dead) who would it be?

If I could invite anyone to a dinner I would invite my mom. She passed away when I was younger and I honestly just would want to be able enjoy her presence. She was and still is my biggest inspiration and is absolutely the biggest influence on who I am today.

11. Tell us three words that describe you.  Three words I would use to describe me are futuristic, strong, and thoughtful.

12. What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation are to work as a full time designer at a small firm. While I am there I want to make connections, network, and learn as much as I can to hopefully one day open my own business.