Intern Spotlight (Alison)

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. (Name, school, program you’re studying, where you’re from.)

Hey! My name is Alison Pinette, like the other three interns working with Vivid I am also an interior architecture student at UNCG, and I am originally from Holly Springs which is just south of Raleigh.

2. What made you interested in interior design?

I have always been fascinated by interior design because growing up my parents would ALWAYS watch HGTV. I also have a very big art background since I’ve been drawing and painting since before I could write, so when I got to high school and began thinking about what I wanted to study when I got to college I decided I wanted to pursue a career where I could really channel my creativity in a way that helps others. Originally, I really wanted to study architecture, but the further I studied at UNCG’s interior architecture program I began to realize how important the interiors of spaces are since that’s where human interactions most occur. Because of this I decided I wanted to design in an interactive space where people could truly appreciate.

3. Who are some of your design icons?

 Even though I have grown to appreciate interior design more, all of my design icons are some well-known architects. Such as Zaha Hadid, I absolutely love the motion she design within her buildings, some of her structures truly look like pieces of art.

Another Icon of mine since I was young was Gaudi. Like Zaha, his structures are the complete opposite from straight lined rectilinear boxes. I personally love his experimentation in materials and forms throughout his structures. Personally, if anyone has not seen any pictures of Gaudi’s structures, I very much recommend researching him.

4. Describe your design aesthetic.

so far, I am drawn to very colorful spaces and designs that are not afraid to play around with bold colors and patterns. Yet, as a young designer I unfortunately do not fully know where my design aesthetic falls, since I enjoy experimenting with different aesthetics throughout each project, I do in my studio classes.

  1. What do you do at Vivid Interiors?

As an intern I am given the opportunity to accompany both Gina and Laura to visit clients houses and assist with arranging the space where needed.  I also get to help around at their main office and store doing a variety of task such as organizing some of their various sample inventory, being a retail store as well I am even given the opportunity to learn about furniture retail and what it takes to run a store. Other than clientele and retail, Vivid also has a very present social medial presence with both a blog and an Instagram page, thus all the interns are given opportunities to make blog post.

6. What do you like best about interning at Vivid?

At UNCG I feel that I was taught more about space planning and how to design the layout of a space, yet I don’t feel that my skills of how to really design a space and thoughtfully layout furniture has really developed. Thus, I want to use my internship experience to learn and feel more comfortable with furniture design and to learn how to really design a space. I also appreciate that the projects we are working on for Vivid has a budget that we have to follow, it’s really teaching me how much a client’s budget can really affect the overall design.

7. Who are your favorite musicians?

Ever since I was in middle school, I absolutely loved Florence and the Machine, I also really love Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris.

8. Favorite drink?

I appreciate a nice Shirley Temple.

9. What is your sign?

I am a Pisces, which is probably where some of my creativity comes from.

10. If you could invite anyone to dinner (living or dead) who would it be?

Honestly this one is a tie between Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali, as an artist they are both my absolute hero’s, and I think as artist they were majorly misunderstood people which is why I would love to have a conversation about life with either icon.

11. Tell us three words that describe you.

Chill, I tend to be a very go with the flow type of person and try not to stress about anything that is not worth the time. Eclectic, I never mind standing out in a crowd for having different taste or maybe coming up with a solution that does not come across as the “normal” solution to others. True, again I’m very set on who I am as a person and to this day I work on staying true to who I am and not changing my opinion or aesthetic based on someone else’s.
12. What are your plans after graduation?

Immediately after I graduate I would like to stay in greensboro and get a job related to residential design, I would also like to learn more about furniture design and maybe see if I can make furniture design a career.