Hex Appeal

Hex Appeal

Hey there!


I know we went awol again, but we’ve been pretty busy around here. We were at market setting up showrooms and shopping for clients and our store, but we’ve also been working with a fantastic local builder in the area.

Susan and Paul Mowery (a husband and wife team) at BDI asked us to come on board to review blueprints, suggest finishes, fixtures, and even furniture, and of course we said, “Heck yeah!”

We started with a beautiful set of plans and developed Hex Appeal House. Knowing that we wanted to incorporate very classic design details. When we went to visit the site lot, we noticed that most of the surrounding houses were various shades of brick. Brown brick, brown red brick, red brown brick, brick red brick, brick brown brick, sandstone brick…. We wanted this house to stand out and Susan agreed. We are perpetually drawn to painted brick, and we definitely have a sweet spot for white brick.  White brick, paired with a dark gray/black roof shingle, black wrought iron XXX railing on the balcony upstairs and on the front double doors; the perfect recipe for a beautiful, stately, classic-inspired new build.


Then we chose a hexagonal tile for the kitchen backsplash that set the tone (and the name) for the general look and feel inside. We wanted to space to feel fresh, airy and warm.

We missed white cabinets with a beautiful warm wood island, quartz countertops, champagne gold finishes and stunning lighting.

Then we repeated the hexagon several more times in hex tiles in the guest bathroom and upstairs baths, and a fun hex pattern in the laundry room. Also, we inserted a hex detail on the ceiling in the foyer and custom cut hexagons in the glass cabinets of the wet bar.

We also injected a few x’s throughout the space.

We came up with some funny names for this house and some of the contenders were:

What the Hex, I’m too Hexy for my Hizzy, All my exes live in Hexes, just to name a few, but ultimately Hex Appeal won out, rightfully so, right?







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