Gold, Blush & Gorgeous

Gold, Blush & Gorgeous

Janae here with one of my all time favorite design trends.

Blush is the new neutral! Gold and rose quartz accents make for the perfect compliments as well. These two paired together always creates a winning palette.

I’m in love with the different ways it can be incorporated into a space. Its versatility is unmatched from it being used for a wall color or flooring to décor and textiles. Blush adds warmth to a space even if it is a bit on the edgy side.

If you want a glam look pair it with gold. What about a space that’s fresh and simple? Pair it with white. Pairing it with silver gives those contemporary style enthusiasts satisfaction. Shades of grey and blue especially darker ones gives the room masculinity. White and black paired with blush creates a modern sleek feel. My all time favorite is pairing blush with anything pastel. A soft violent or mint green with a accents of a metal is a space I would love to be in.

Here are a few things on how designers incorporate blush into their spaces:

-Layer shades of pink throughout the room to give your space a soft warm feel.

-Copper and rose gold are metal tones that add a hint of blush to your décor.

-If you’re not ready to commit use small accents like pillows, throw rugs, or wall art, with blush pink textures.

-Blush is a shade easily found in nature. Blending it with natural materials like stone or wood is always a winner.

-Even adding a brush of blush in seasonal flowers such as roses and peonies around your space gives a touch of elegance and a lot of romance.

-Lastly, Using blush in a room that’s meant to be relaxing is key because it does have a calming effect to a space.

If you want something delicate, glamorous, romantic and gorgeous, blush is your right hand man.




Here are some examples on how Vivid softens a space with blush selections here!