Friday Five

Friday Five

1 – Project update!

We are waiting on the last few pieces for a wonderful client. Her space features beautiful blue wallpaper, yellows, pinks and, golds. We wanted to create a bold blue kitchen, a fun dining area, and a clean modern living area. It will be a few more weeks before we are ready to show you the whole space but until then check out the mood board!

2 – Ava Grace Canned Wine

I would have never thought I would like wine in a can but Ava Grace has changed my mind! The cute packaging caught my eye in the store and I figured it would be perfect for our next adventure! I had the Pino Grigio and my friend had the Rose (though I had a sip) and both were delicious. It can not compare to a high-quality Italian wine but it was far better than I had expected.  The Pino Grigio was crisp and fruity with a light finish. So if you are looking for an easy wine to bring to a yard party or on an adventure make sure to try Ava Grace!

3 – Interns!

We have some amazing interns this summer. Stevie finished her internship and Marina just started hers! Summer is just flying by. One of the fun projects that we have them working on is a series of room challenges! Below is a Stevie’s Living Room more info soon!

4 – It’s Officially Summer!

Even though here in North Carolina it has felt like summer for a couple months, yesterday was the official start of summer. Summer at Vivid means patio parties, warm first Fridays, and lots of bright interiors!  Haven’t made it to a first Friday? check this out!


5 – Project Throwback!

Two years ago we installed this amazing purple wallpaper in a newly renovated condo downtown. We also had this gorgeous custom made by a local woodworker. We had a couple other custom pieces made, so stay tuned for their debut.