Friday Five: Sprucing up Apartments & Dorms

Friday Five:

Sprucing up Apartments & Dorms

Adriana here! As the summer is quickly coming to an end, sadly, so is my time here at Vivid. I have had such an amazing summer with Laura, Gina, and Natalie, and I cannot thank them enough for all they have taught me in such a short time! With summer wrapping up, many of us are going back to school, for those in college that means getting ready to move back into apartments and dorms. Here are some fun and fabulous tips to help spruce up those boring spaces, and make them feel more like home!

1 – Plants

Adding greenery to your space will make it feel more like home in an instant! Combining multiple varieties, textures, and sizes of plants will help add dimension and personality to your space.

Photo: By Tezza

2 – Rugs

Adding rugs to any apartment or dorm will provide comfort and style. Covering unpleasant floorings with a cozy rug will definitely make you feel right at home.

Photo: The Walls that Built Me

3 – Lamps and Lighting

Adding multiple sources of alternative lighting will help to warm up your space, instead of solely using overhead lighting. Accent and floor lamps are always a great way to add style and personality to any room!

4 – Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a wonderful way to give many pieces of furniture a new life. Adding a pattern or color to any piece will help spruce up your space, and the best part – it’s temporary!

Photo: In Honor of Design

5 – Art

Blank walls are no fun! Spruce up your walls with art and wall hangings. If you can’t hang with nails, try command hooks!

Photo: Honestly WTF