Friday Five – Local Love

Friday Five

Natalie here! We love working downtown Greensboro! Downtown has changed so much in the last few years and there are lot’s more on the horizon. With the fourth next week, we wanted to share a few of our favorite places downtown (other than Vivid) that you should visit.

1 – Lebauer Park

With an amazing suspended sculpture, dog park and kids park Lebauer Park is a must-see downtown. There are events year round so even when it’s not a hot July day Lebauer Park is still a fun destination. 

2 – Sonder Mind and Body

Sonder Mind and Body is new to Greensboro and is AMAZING! They are right next door to vivid (511 s. Elm st) and offer Floatation Therapy, Massage, yoga, sauna and amazing smoothies! If you have not heard of Flotation Therapy is where you float in 10″ of salt water. With high salinity water, your whole body is supported and all of your muscles can relax. I can personally say floating is fantastic! Oh and they have Dutch Brew coffee (it’s super strong!).



3 – Hudsons Hill

Greensboro historically was known for its production of denim. Hudsons Hill carries on this tradition in their own way and more. They sell well-crafted denim clothing, beautiful leather goods and all kinds of other accessories.

4-Antlers and Astronauts

Another new shop downtown! Antlers and Astronauts is a vintage boutique with great vintage clothing accessories and more.  I have also found a couple great pieces of modern jewelry and art! It has quickly become one of my favorite shops and should be a must-see on your next trip downtown.


5 – Europa Cafe

Europa is near and dear to our hearts. In the early days of Vivid, Larua and Gina would always eat lunch at Europa after business classes at the library and it still is a cornerstone of our downtown diet. Our all-around favorite meal from Europa is the muscles! With a beautiful patio space, it is sure to be packed on the 4th  so get your seat early!