Friday Five – Labor Day Adventures!

Friday Five – Labor Day Adventures!

Natalie here! We all have our own big plans for this Labor Day weekend! We love what we do but we love going on adventures too! Heres what we have planned!

1 – Unplug

We find the best way to refuel is to step back and enjoy life without our laptops. Yes,  sometimes it’s hard to walk away from the pile of emails and design boards but everyone needs a break!


2 – White Water Rafting

I’m a huge fan of all kinds of high adventures and a chronic thrill seeker! There is nothing that gets my head away from work like flying over rapids and trying to stay in the raft! I hope the raft is as cute as this one!

3 – Hiking in the Mountains!

A little less high thrill (unless you get close to the edge) but still very fun! There are lot’s of great hiking trails all over though my favorite has always been the Shenandoah mountains.

4 – Beach!

Laura and Gina started their holiday a tad early and escaped to the beach for the day! Nothing like a quick dip in the water and good seafood!

5 – Friends!

Any time that can be spent in good company is time well spent! We all have our people and we enjoy going on adventures big and small with them!