Friday Five – Florence

Friday Five

Hurricane Florence

We have been hearing all week about the power of Hurricane Florence. While Greensboro will be a relatively safe place to be; we prepared for the storm in our own way.


1 – This playlist rocks us like a hurricane

We always have music going in the shop and so Gina sturred up a great mix of all storm + rain-related songs. Give it a listen, click here!

2 – Blanket Fort!

When the power goes out (or even if it doesn’t) we love to make a stylish blanket fort. Our blanket fort go-to’s:


All these blankets and more available in our shop!



3 – A good book

Nothing like waiting out the storm with a good book! Here are a few of our recent favorites.




4 – Candles

If the power does go out might as well make the house smell nice!

1. Eucalyptus and Sandlewood ll  2. Black Eclipse & Amber ll 3. Coconut Milk Mango ll 4. Teak Candle Glass
All are for sale in our shop


5 – Strom drinks!

You have to stay home anyway, right? Might as well mix up a storm drink!