Friday Five – Beach Life

First Friday – Beach Life

With all our travels this summer one of our favorite places to go is the Oak Island, NC! North Carolina has some amazing beach and dreamy landscapes on the intercostal waterway.  All year long we dream of taking our summer vacations to the beach and taking in all it has to offer. We love what we do but we value a good work/life balance. We crave hanging out on the beach listing to the waves, reading good books, spending time with family and friends and, taking time to unplug and, being present.  The world is a vivid, crazy amazing place we all have to remember to slow down and enjoy!

1 – Intercoastal Waterway

2 – Who needs to get in the ocean when you can play in the sprinkler?!

Embrace your inner child and enjoy the simple things in life!

3 – Travel with your whole family!

Traveling with your pets can be fun, and some vacation rentals allow pets!

4 – Lazy Beach Days!

5 – Beautiful Sunsets!

In my book, the beach is one of the most majestic places to enjoy the sunset.