Friday Five: 5 best things about being an intern at Vivid Interiors

Friday Five: 5 best things about being an intern at Vivid Interiors

Kelsey here! For this week’s Friday Five, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on this amazing summer that Vivid Interiors gave me. Having this opportunity to intern at a local and small business has taught me so much and has opened up so many opportunities for the future and I could not be more thankful for Gina, Laura, and Natalie at Vivid Interiors.

1 – YAY!

You get to work with the most amazing supervisors ever.

2 – Client Installation days!

These days are the best. It was an amazing experience being able to visit a client’s home and see the personal aspect that interior design brings.

3 – Photo-shoot days

Photo-shoot days for our online Chairish website and online shop! This was a huge learning experience for me. We have been working hard all summer long to create good photos to upload to our website for people to shop our items that are in store, also online as well. If you cannot come by our downtown retail space, be sure to check out and go to Vivid Interiors shop to browse!

4 – Resources!

Learning about more companies for resources! Working at Vivid Interiors has opened my eyes to how many other fabric manufacturers there are, furniture manufacturers there are, and also how many resources such as upholstery and artists are local to Greensboro, NC.

5 – First Friday!

Last but not least, one of the best things about interning with Vivid Interiors is first Fridays in downtown Greensboro! This is such a fun time of socializing with the public and getting one on one aspects with customers while also having a fun and relaxing time with your customers.

Overall, I cannot even begin to express enough great things about interning with Vivid Interiors. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to spend my summer with such wonderful ladies and I will miss them greatly. Be sure to stop by Vivid Interiors to shop amazing home decor and more. If you cannot get into the shop, please use as a way to shop as well. Thank you for this opportunity this summer, wish you all the best of luck. Thanks, Gina, Laura, and Natalie. You all are amazing!