Friday Five

Friday Five

1 – Market!

We were all over the place at Market the last few days! There are so many inspiring new pieces that we saw and will share here, so keep checking back for Market recaps. Until then feast on these great looking spaces from High Point!

2 – Still in the Dark

When Hurricane Michael passed through Greensboro last week most people lost power! Huge trees were down everywhere and took out power lines with them. It was a challenging few days, getting ready for Market at Vivid (which never lost power) or at home by flashlight. Let me tell you, I never want to do eyeliner by flashlight again.

3 – Just Hanging

After finding so many cool rugs at Market we are excited to hang some of these gorgeous vintage Moroccan pieces on our walls. Here’s what we are going for:


4 – Scout Guide

IT’S HERE! We are so excited to be in the fifth volume of the Triad Scout Guide!  Make sure to come by and grab your copy at our shop!

5 – TGIF

It’s been a while since we have had a single day off. We are in High Point setting up showrooms weeks before Market starts with little to no downtime between. We are glad it’s finally the weekend! TGIF!!